dav Thwinners are

1. place: Action Brings Change (Sonia Szkriba, Poland)

Our actions, not words matter, only this way we can change something – make a difference.

Prize: project T-shirt with winners ABC + Backpack journalism‘s backpack

2.  place: Alternative Bridge to Competence  (Nina Milenković Kikelj, Slovenia)

Alternative = youth work does it differently; Bridge = youth work can get you over a wild river safely; and Competence = purpose of youth work is to enable personal growth.

Prize: project T-shirt with winners ABC + coffee from Agata

3.  place:  Art of Being Community (Roberta Gava, Italy)

»To educate a child it takes the whole village.« (African proverb)

Prize: project T-shirt with winners ABC + ecological  bag and pencil

Congratulations to all three winners!


You submitted 81 ABC definitions of youth work.

We had participants from six countries.

  1. Slovenia: 36 (44%)
  2. Poland: 22 (27%)
  3. Italy and Hungary: 11 (14%)