How to work with groups in the changing world?


World is changing rapidly. Youth always get the shaft.
We believe that they can realise their potentials through youth work.


List of  resources which were made during the project. You can find them listed below. Enjoy reading!

ABC of youth work How to work with groups in the changing world

Youth Work Growth Cycle

Suggestion of A Training Course

Mentoring scheme

Desk Research: Young people in digital era and youth work

Key Challenges of Youth Work in the changing World


List of  resources which helped us form a solid base for the project. You can find some of them listed below. Enjoy reading!

Quality youth work

Quality management in youth information and counselling

What is youth work today?

Working with young people: the value of youth work in the European Union

Declaration of the 2nd youth work convention

Sinus Meta-Milieus

17th Shell youth study: Youth 2015

Marsiglio handout


Final project meeting concluded

From Tuesday, February 27 to Friday, March 2, 2018, the last fifth partnership meeting of the ABC of Youth Work project was held in Ljubljana. The purposes of the meeting,…



This is our dedicated team who is bringing the idea of this project to life.

Matej Cepin

Project leader

In youth work since early 1990’s, currently not young anymore. Director of Social Academy, trainer, facilitator and author.

Mojca Galun

General secretary

Trainer and facilitator for different organisation, computer scientists and a devoted a youth worker.

Ewa Krzaklewska


Sociologist at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, youth researcher engaged in improving youth policy and youth work.

Marzena Ples


Facilitator, trainer, sociologist, research assistant, youth projects coordinator. Fan of board games.

Giacomo Trevisan

Media educator

Educator, trainer and project coordinator in the field of Media Education,
specialized in the field of safe and conscious use of the Internet and digital media.

Gregorio Ceccone

Social media trainer

Specialized in methodologies of e-learning and media education. Constantly works leading workshops in schools and youth centers with youngsters from 9 to 18 years old.

Nicolas Bosch

Youth worker

Active in the youth work since 2014. Work experience with refugees and children/youth with migration background, especially in the sports area.

Giovanni Zambon

Youth worker

Sociologist student, active in a social youth field since 2012 especially for youth exchange, volunteering programs and involving youth to be part in the political dimension.

Mathias Kaps

Social worker / youth worker

O-level teaching diploma, subjects mathematics & religion, since more than 30 years active in youth work on a voluntary basis, manager of youth and educational projects.